Welcome to the Maze Maker page. Maze Maker is a fun program to generate and print mazes. Kids really love to do these. Maze Maker allows you to generate mazes of whatever complexity you want, by specifying the desired size and width. One note of caution, if you generate large mazes, please be patient while the program generates them. The algorithm processing time unfortunately increases exponentially with the increasing size of the maze.

This Maze Maker program is free for person and family use. If for some reason you desire to use this program for commercial purposes, such as to produce mazes for a commercial book or newspaper, please contact me. I am sure we can work something out.

To download the Maze Maker installer (with Uninstaller), click on the image below or click here.




Maze Maker Screen Shot

I have tried hard to make sure this program does not contain any viruses or other problems, and I am very confident you will not have any issues. However, please use this program and any other content on this site at your own risk. 



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